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Last updated: 3/9/06
Entropy is no longer operating. 
Please do not email seeking a booking.
A bit about Entropy Studios...
Entropy Studios was a performance space in Hamtramck, MI.  Founded by Ben Hall, Jason Murphy, Jason Shearer, and Mike Khoury, the space represented a musical collective as well as a performance space.  Entropy Studios was loosley named for the Entropy Stereo label founded by Mike Khoury.  The musical collective included several other musicians and organizers from the community and worked closely with Pat Frisco and the New Music Society.  Entropy prided itself on presenting challenging music as well as educational workshops and served as a training ground for developing musicians.  Please see above for a list of local creative music events, some of which are sponsored by former Entropy programmers.  Please see below for a partial list of performers.
Entropy Studios before a performance.  Photo by Le Quan Ninh.
Maury Coles

Bipolar, MI
David Boykins Outet
Siege Machine
Northwoods Improvisers
The Slathered
Chris Cutler
Faruq Z. Bey
Ben Bracken
Eric Cook
Jason Shearer
Gold Sparkle Band
Geoff Walker
Assif Tsahar
Toshi Makihara
Blaise Siwula
John Lindberg
the SILVER measure
Phil Minton
Patrick Brennan
Ben Miller/Degeneration
Aaron Dilloway
Michael Dec
James Ilgenfritz
Charlie Kohlhase/Matt Langley
Andrew Lamb and Warren Smith
Gunda Gottschalk
Bob Marsh Quartet
Peter Kowald
Gunter "Baby" Sommer
Bhob Rainey
Jack Wright
Floros Floridas
Fred Lonberg-Holm
Rob Brown
Andrew Barker
Hearing Trumpet
Luc Houtkamp
Amy Denio
Jeff Arnal
John Dierker
Hamid Drake
Le Quan Ninh
Misha Feigin
Frank Gratkowski
Phil Lasley
Hakim Jami
Xenharmonic Gamelan
Ernst Reijseger
Jug Band
Chris Peck
Scavenger Quartet
Kalaparush and the Light
Yells at Eels
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