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Ultra Magazine Review of Music for Peasants

WHFR-FM Dearborn
CJAM Radio - Windsor
WCBN - FM Ann Arbor
WDET - FM Detroit
WEMU - FM Ypsilanti

Entropy Stereo
American Tapes
Snowdonia Records
Pax Recordings
Public Eyesore
Foreign Lands
ABZU Records
Electromotive Records
Stentorian Tapes
Penumbra Music


Intuitive Music Homepage-Carl Bergstroem-Nielsen
Gas Tank Orchestra
Rotcod Zzaj
Ernesto Diaz-Infante
Luc Houtkamp
Persona/E. Cook
Northwoods Improvisers
John Sinclair
Malachy Papers
Le Quan Ninh
The SILVER measure
Trummerflora Collective
Jack Wright
Blaise Siwula
Tomasz Krakowiak
John Kameel Farah
Spider, Tick or Centipede
Dennis Gonzalez
Carl Smith - Texas Saxophonist
Piotr Michalowski - multi reeds
Mono Pause
DJ Houseshoes
Zan Hoffman
Mike Hansen
Mazen Kerbaj

Interviews/Features on Entropy Stereo
Metro Times
South East Michigan Jazz Association

Friends of Improvised Music
Project STRAT - John Shepherd

Visual Arts
The art of Sari Khoury

Violin Links
Anthony Barnett's Fable Bulletin - a wonderful clearinghouse of information on violin improvisation
Harald Kimmig - great violin improviser from Germany
David Prentice - violin maker and improviser
Katt Hernandez and the BopAnts - a former Michigan violinist and her great group
Ernesto Rodrigues - amazing violin improviser from Portugal