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Other Items Distributed by Entropy Stereo Recordings

Entropy / Codex CDs are limited press run discs
that are printed on CDR's with the covers assembled by hand.

CD-R (Eh? Records)

$10.00 ppd

Close Embrace of the Earth - At the Spirits Rejoice Festival

Mike Khoury - Violin
Piotr Michalowski - Soprano Saxophone and Bass Clarinet
Hans Buetow - Bass, Electronics
Photos by Erik Grayson and Eun Young Park

(Monsieur Délire) Released in 2012 but recorded live in 2004. Close Embrace of the Earth is a US free improvisation trio consisting of Mike Khoury (violin), Piotr Michalowski (soprano sax, bass clarinet), and Hans Buetow (bass, electronics). European-style free improvisation, mostly, with something of Billy Bang in the violin. Some gorgeous arabesques between violin and sax, especially in the encore. - François Couture

Primal Waters

$10.00 ppd

New release: Primal Waters CD

2011 Recording of Faruq Z. Bey w/ Northwoods. Limited edition CD-R release of 150 copies. New material featuring Faruq with Mike Carey, Skeeter C. R. Shelton, Mike Gilmore, Mike Johnston and Nick Ashton. Published by the Italian Saggitarius A Star record / vinyl label. Vinyl is available through in the U.S.




"Gordon Henry"

Entropy Codex 006
$13.00 ppd

Gordon Henry - Traveling Among Strangers

Anishinabe poet and novelist, Gordon Henry, Jr. is an enrolled member of the White Earth Chippewa Tribe of Minnesota.His poetry has been published in anthologies such as Songs From This Earth On Turtle's Back: Contemporary American Indian Poetry (1983) and Returning the Gift: Poetry and Prose from the First Native American Writers(1994).
His novel The Light People (1994) was awarded The American Book Award in 1995. He has also co-authored the textbook 
The Ojibway (2004), to which he contributed a number of essays on Native American culture..

This CD features Gordon reading some of his poetry with musical accompaninment from Mike Gilmore and Mike Johnston. Members of the Northwoods Improvisers and Zychron.


Entropy / Codex 002

Poetry by: Faruq Z. Bey 2001-2005.



Strings of Niger Vol II

Entropy / Codex 003
$10 ppd



Chetima Ganga and his


Entropy / Codex 004
$10 ppd



Strings of Niger

Other Brother Productions 001
$10 ppd

Two long extended improvisations by; Mouhammadou Moussa on the three stringed "molo" lute. And one long extended improvisation by; Abdou Mohammed on the biram harp. With the explosion of hi-tech Afro-Pop music nowdays, these beautiful subtle solo improvisations hold up well to repeated listenings as well as preserving a rare and threatened musical tradition. Highly recommended.

Mike Gilmore- Solo Saz (2000)

Entropy / Codex 001

Mike (a member of Northwoods Improvisers) is heard here playing
solo improvisations on the Turkish Saz. Mike is a highly accomplished
string player. The music is both rich and diverse. 30 minutes
total playing time.


Northwoods Improvisers
Spinning CD

ARC, England
$13 ppd

The second release from this Michigan trio who have been making creative improvised acoustic music for over 20 years. We have this one at a domestic price.

"This is brave music you can dance to or hum along with. Spinning is accurately titled; it spins a host of tales so ancient they can no longer be told openly, and offers them in a groove so deep and wide you have no choice as a listener but to sink right in and start moving."

Thom Jurek, All Music Guide

Northwoods Improvisers
Fog and Fire CD

ARC, England
$13 ppd

Hauntingly beautiful, refreshing improvised jazz with Middle Eastern and East Asian influences. Three guys with Vibes, Koto, Log Drum, and a variety of other ancient and modern instruments make this one of the best Jazz releases of 1994

"...'Fog' is the listeners' first definitive glance into the extended free ambient universe that the trio explores further on successive albums. Vibe overtones beautifully crash with subdued arrhythmic drumming/percussion, as Johnston first greets listeners with his gorgeous bass recorder playing before again picking up the bass and bowing."

Jason Hundley, All Music Guide


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